Look Lateral

The next level of Art

LOOK LATERAL Look Lateral is a blend of art professionals,
industry leaders and leading academics focused on the business of art in Europe — now advancing our brand with the
addition of a US-based Fin-Tech company.

Our masterpiece is a digital platform for contemporary art where the works are tagged, priced and tokenized.

Tagging the art-work: thanks to our Signature Tag we offer an easy way to identify the work and to instantly access all the PROVENANCE information stored on our blockchain platform; information that is constantly updated by the owner, the institutions, and the art

Pricing the art-work: thanks to our unique pricing and indexing algorithms, we are able to continuously update and publish information regarding art asset evaluation, enabling full
transparency for the art-works in our platform.

Fractionizing the art-work: thanks to Blockchain technology, it is now possible to sell an entire work of art, or portions of it (fractionizing the artwork) with buyers simultaneously obtaining rewards and other rights from it. To enable this, we are creating a simple, fast,
and safe place to buy and sell fractions of an artwork, FIMART:
our Fractional Marketplace of Art.




TAG System



“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”

Salvador Dali